WARNING: Not all PROPERTY REPORTS are the same!!!

Whether you’re Buying an Existing Home, Buying “Off-The-Plan”, Building a new house,  or have an investment property and simply need a Depreciation Schedule... You’ll be SURE with Surety!

Most Buyers Fail to realise that 92% of all Pest and Building Reports actually FAVOUR the Seller NOT the BUYER.

Don’t RISK Cutting Corners on your Inspections and Reports. You must know every fact about the structural health and state of any property you purchase.

You’re SAFE with Surety... we’ve inspected 15,000 homes in the last 8 years alone and you’ll receive SAME DAY Advice.

Could you UNKNOWINGLY be making these COSTLY Mistakes?

  • Mistake #1: Using a company for your Inspections that has been referred by a real estate agent (who wants to sell for maximum profit)
  • Mistake #2: Getting Inspections that only offer cosmetic reporting and don’t go below the surface to find COSTLY “hidden” problems
  • Mistake #3: Using a company for your Inspections that is biased in favour of the seller and the real estate agent, not you, as the buyer
  • Mistake #4: Paying for Inspections that are not a TRUE Property Health Check
  • Mistake #5: Not using a LOCAL Specialist who knows local conditions, environmental factors, and other hidden problems
  • Mistake #6: Using a company that does not have access to Specialised Technology to detect TERMITE activity that the human eye can’t see
  • Mistake #7: Not knowing the future financial pain by telling you upfront about problem areas that need fixing, repairing or treating.

When you get your property report done with Surety Property you can be certain that you receive a TRUE Property Health Check - and avoid all the usual costly mistakes above!


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What Others Are Saying About Surety Property...

“I don’t normally provide testimonials, however on this occasion I have been moved to acknowledge the excellent customer service and professionalism of your company and your employees. Thank you."

Richard Grant, South Coast buyer

“Really would like to take this opportunity to thank Brendan and the team at Surety. You have all been amazing and have made this process very easy for us – which we greatly appreciate."

Tanya Rutley, Queanbeyan buyer

“Surety Property's report yesterday was very positive and comforting especially as I am remote from the property. The owner, assures me that not a single ant escaped detection.”

Phillip Stafford-Gaffney , South Coast buyer

“The service you provide has been very professional, friendly and prompt. We are glad to have had dealings with you and will highly recommend you to others as well as using your company again when needed.”

Amanda Cook , New South Wales Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-icon"I'm buying an existing home - how do I know it's not going to fall down and/or cost me thousands of dollars in repairs that I just can’t afford right now?"

    You want to make sure you use a property inspection company that is not referred by the selling agent, Don’t rely on a seller’s report. Work with someone local with more than 6yrs experience who you can trust and most importantly talk too

  • q-icon"I'm building a new home and I don’t know anything about building - How can I be certain the builder is not dodgy and knows what he is doing?"

    You want an independent building professional watching the build for you from start to finish. If you have missed that opportunity, you should have the house checked at the end at the Final Handover stage.

  • q-icon"What SERVICES can I get a 10% discount on?"

    All our building and pest inspection service for buyers. New construction stage inspections, final handover & 90-Day defect liability, PLUS Depreciation Schedules for investors. The offer is available in Canberra, Queanbeyan, Googong, Yass, Murrumbateman & Bungendore. The South Coast from Ulladulla to Narooma. If you are unsure if your area is covered just give us a call on 1300 767 741

  • q-icon"Okay - I need a report and inspection... what should I do next?"

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