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Termite Inspections and Eradication

They’re small but can destroy your home.

Termites are something that most of us have to deal with at one time or another. You need to be diligent and aware of signs of termites.

Prevention is better then cure when it comes to termites. We tend to ignore what we can’t see.

Thankfully getting on top of them before they destroy your property or your property’s re-sale value is straightforward if you follow the right process.

After all, if you are going to the effort of getting termites dealt with, you want to make sure you get the treatment right.

At Surety we;

  • Carry out a comprehensive and accurate Termite Inspection
  • Are not only termite specialists but are also building consultants. This is important because we understand buildings and how termites can affect a building structure. We can provide advice on structural integrity issues and the best way forward to correct any damage. Most Pest Managers don’t have a background in building.
  • Only recommend treatment if there’s an issue
  • Use only the top quality Nemesis bait system that is designed for Australian conditions
  • Use only non-toxic human and pet-friendly chemicals – proven safe and effective
  • Take care of everything – there’s no mess, preparation or clean up for you
  • Are 100% licensed, insured and also qualified in Building Construction Cert IV so you can be sure you are engaging the best to treat & manage your property

AU-StandardAS3660.2-2000—Termite Management-In and around existing buildings and structures

AU-StandardAS4349.3-2010—Inspection of buildings-Timber Pest Inspections

How to identify termite activity

Termites can be hard to spot because most of the activity happens beneath the surface of the property. The earlier termite activity is discovered the easier it is to resolve, and the longer they are left the more serious the structural damage to your property.

Signs of termite activity may include;

  • Unusual deposits of mud outside, for example on timbers or timber fences. This is known as termite mudding.
  • Mud inside a cupboard, on or around skirting, on doorframes, on the architraves to windows or doors.
  • Skirtings crumbling if something bumps into them, like a vacuum cleaner or piece of furniture
  • Wall paint blistering
  • You hear termite chatting like this

If you see or hear any of these symptoms, or live in a street or suburb that has termites you should have us assess whether they’ve started to eat their way into your home.

Read what a Termite Inspection Involves

What happens if termites are found

Termites are prolific, infecting around 1 out of every 3 homes in certain parts of Australia.

If you find termites do not to use household sprays because this will only cause them to hide, making treatment more difficult and costly. By using a household spray you are only killing the surface termites, there are many more below the surface. Instead call us immediately on 1300 767 741 and we can apply the correct treatment to eradicate the termites.

If one of our experts finds termites at your property, eradication options will be discussed with you. Most clients prefer us to treat the problem then and there, but you are also free to consider other options.

To find out more about this service call us on 1300 767 741 or send an enquiry or make a booking

Destructive termites will eat your house where can I find them in my house.

“Thanks to Surety’s Property Report, my entry into the Home Buyer’s World has been saved a heartache, and a lot of money in repairs. I have had 2 reports now and finally found my sweet home. The cost of these reports is the wisest and best money I have spent.”

Debbie Davis, ACT buyer

“Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help us, and for your understanding and patience with the constant rescheduling. And a big thank you to Brendan for taking the time to explain everything to us – I honestly could’ve listened to him all day long!
When I started looking for a property inspection company, I asked everyone I could think of, then went on Google and did some homework. We narrowed it down to three companies, and I called you first because 1.) you had the best reviews and 2.) the sample report was very impressive.

That first conversation I had with you set the standard for the rest of the bunch. You took the time to listen and discuss what we were looking for and what our concerns were, which no one else did. In fact, I only rang one other company and quickly decided I wasn’t even going to waste my time ringing the third as I’d already made up my mind.

In terms of price, while Surety charges more than others, I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. The inspection and report were absolutely worth every dollar (and probably more). Brendan picked up on issues we never even thought of, and not only detailed them with photos, but got our builder to agree to fix them with no argument. That was particularly impressive, especially considering the builder. And the report – no one else puts that level of effort into their reports. Surety’s reports should be an industry standard.

Again, thank you so very much for everything, and we wish you and Brendan all the best. Next time we buy (not build, learned that lesson), we’re coming straight to Surety again, absolutely no question about that.”

New Construction Handover Client

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