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Construction Inspections and Reports

Read Your Building Contract

Before deciding on which service from below, we highly recommend you read your contract to ensure that they allow “independent building inspections” Unfortunately many builders are now including a clause that does not allow you to engage the services of an independent operator. Of course, this is a worrying sign. So, we recommend 3 things before you call us.

  1. If you haven’t already signed your building contract, ensure to check that this clause is not included, and if included request the contract to be altered or excluded to ensure you can engage an independent inspector like Surety Property.
  2. If you have signed your contract, check your contract to see if you can or can’t engage an independent inspector, this will save you time later when the builder declines our access requests.
  3. See if you can change the builder’s mind and allow an independent inspector access.

hia-logoMake sure you are getting what your paying for when building your new home or renovating.

We inspect new homes or renovations either during the build or at final handover so you are not left with mistakes and compromised quality.

Our inspectors are not only fully licensed, but also know about the construction process because they are;

  • qualified in Building Construction Certificate IV
  • accredited assessors
  • members of the Master Builders Association and
  • members of the Housing Industry Association

Construction Progress Inspections

It’s dangerous to wait till final inspection on a new build to assess whether there are any issues – it can be either too late or too expensive to fix.

After all, once the frames have been covered with gyprock and painted how can you be certain they were to standard?

While a certifier who is paid by the builder is meant to check council and local government regulations, they do not assess the quality, finish and professionalism of the work. And isn’t that important as well?

That’s why many of our clients get us to carry out independent progress inspections for new construction, providing a quality check and review of regulations at three key stages.

  • pre slab pour inspection;
  • frame and brickwork inspection; and
  • final handover inspection.

It means at each major stage you are on top of any issues and can have them corrected before having to pay your builder. And it keeps your builder on their toes too because they know their efforts will be assessed by a professional.
Read more about our Construction Progress Inspections, call us to arrange yours on 1300 767 741 or Send an enquiry or make a booking

“My whole experience was excellent. Customer service was the best we have had throughout the whole build. Jacqui made the organisation easy. Both men who came to the inspections were knowledgeable – friendly and went the extra mile to help/provide info. Each time I asked for information or clarity Surety was happy to help. The expertise of the inspectors has save me thousands in picking up defects etc early.
I would recommend Surety and will confidently use again.”

Melanie (ACT) – 3 stage construction client

Construction Progress Inspections

Surety carry out independent progress inspections for new construction at three key stages.

  • pre slab pour inspection;
  • frame and brickwork inspection; and
  • final handover inspection. 

Inspection 1 – Pre Slab Pour Inspection

Before the concrete slab is placed we ensure work has been carried out correctly. This includes:

  • plumbing and drainage points
  • vapour barriers not damaged
  • review engineering plans
  • assess slab reinforcement
  • step downs correctly located

Inspection 2 – Frame and brickwork

Whether you are building a timber, brick veneer, full brick or heavy structured home, you need to know the walls are built to an acceptable standard. This is key for durability and visual appearance. This includes:

  • tie-downs and bracing for the frame, brickwork and roof
  • Roofing (if it is safe to access)
  • termite system installed
  • correction location of wiring and plumbing
  • wall cavities cleaned out
  • quality of workmanship
  • Walls are plumb and level

Inspection 3 – Final handover report 

Once your house is complete we inspect the whole building

  • from front to back,
  • inside and out.
  • provide you with a detailed and itemised, room-by-room, defects list.
  • review your plans and inclusions list
  • review poor trade work

We are unable to take any accurate building measurements as part of our service. Therefore we recommend you engage a Surveyor at the pre pour stage to ensure accuracy within accordance of your plans.

During the third (final) inspection, we also review the inclusions list in your contract and report if there are discrepancies or missing items. We even check that all power points and electrical appliances work properly.

View a sample of our Footing & Slab report.
View a sample of our New Construction Final Handover report.

Call us to discuss scheduling your Construction Progress Inspection call us on 1300 767 741 or Send an enquiry or make a booking

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Surety (particularly Brendan, Richard and Jacqui) for the valuable inspection work and advice. I am happy to recommend my friends who are going to knockdown and rebuild their houses to use your service.”

Jinglong, ACT New Construction Package Client


“Peace of mind to get an independent building inspection for our property and boy did Surety Property deliver. The report was very in depth and was explained with all our queries answered. Just an absolute pleasure to do business with from start to end. Thank you Surety Team.”

Bernie, New Construction Inspections, Canberra region

Final Handover Inspections

Having an independent expert looking after your interests at the final handover stage of a new build or renovation is so important. Just because the house might be certified doesn’t mean its quality and finishes comply with what you have paid for.

With over 15 years experience we know exactly what to look for. You get;

  • Site visit by experienced and professional inspector; approximately 2-3 hours
  • Itemised list of building defects
  • Advise on the property having been built in accordance with building codes
  • Assessment both inside and outside
  • Audit of contract inclusions for discrepancies or omissions
  • Review of building plans
  • Inspection of all power points and electrical appliances
  • Guidance on how to address the issues with your builder

You’re almost there! Don’t let things go at this crucial final stage – remember that once you’ve paid your builder it can be very hard to have them correct any mistakes.

View our New Construction Final Handover sample report.

Call us to discuss scheduling your Final Handover Inspection on 1300 767 741 or Send an enquiry or make a booking

“Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help us, and for your understanding and patience with the constant rescheduling. And a big thank you to Brendan for taking the time to explain everything to us – I honestly could’ve listened to him all day long!
When I started looking for a property inspection company, I asked everyone I could think of, then went on Google and did some homework. We narrowed it down to three companies, and I called you first because 1.) you had the best reviews and 2.) the sample report was very impressive.
That first conversation I had with you set the standard for the rest of the bunch. You took the time to listen and discuss what we were looking for and what our concerns were, which no one else did. In fact, I only rang one other company and quickly decided I wasn’t even going to waste my time ringing the third as I’d already made up my mind.
In terms of price, while Surety charges more than others, I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. The inspection and report were absolutely worth every dollar (and probably more). Brendan picked up on issues we never even thought of, and not only detailed them with photos, but got our builder to agree to fix them with no argument. That was particularly impressive, especially considering the builder. And the report – no one else puts that level of effort into their reports. Surety’s reports should be an industry standard.
Again, thank you so very much for everything, and we wish you and Brendan all the best. Next time we buy (not build, learned that lesson), we’re coming straight to Surety again, absolutely no question
about that.”
New Construction Handover Client

“The new construction handover inspection and report from Surety are definitely money well spent. We have been really impressed with Surety. Your professionalism, honesty, genuine care and dedication to customers are superb. Many thanks to Bruce.”
Zarko − ACT New Construction Client

The crippling repair costs and building defects in newly constructed homes and apartments in AustraliaThe crippling repair costs and building defects in newly constructed homes and apartments in Australia

90 Day Defect Liability Inspection

You may have missed your final handover inspection but it’s still not too late. Or you have had your final handover inspection done and now it’s time for your 90-day defect liability inspection and you prefer to have this professionally prepared by one of our team.  We can help in either instance. We can conduct a 90-day defect liability Report to have the builder come back and correct unsatisfactory defects. The builder must rectify defects that are the builder’s responsibility and which are notified to the builder during the defects liability period.

Most contracts will have a 90-day clause; however this can be dependent on your own contract. The period commences on and includes generally the date of practical completion.

Having an independent expert looking for defects that you may not have necessarily seen within the 90-days can ensure you have a comprehensive defects list for the builder. Just remember it is 90-day’s not 3 months.

This is particularly important if the property is tenanted.

With over 15 years experience we know exactly what to look for. You get;

  • Site visit by experienced and professional inspector; approximately 2-2.5 hours
  • Itemised list of building defects
  • Advise on the property having been built in accordance with building codes
  • Assessment both inside and outside
  • Guidance on how to address the issues with your builder

You have also have the opportunity in NSW and ACT to make claims for such things as:

  • non structural defects (eg leaking showers) up to 2 years later* and
  • structural defects (eg cracking) up to 6 years* later

So if you’ve settled but have some concerns, call 1300 767 741 to discuss an inspection or Send an enquiry or make a booking

“Surety Property offers the highest level of service. The inspection people are professional, knowledgeable and credible. Surety is thorough, very transparent and independent in reporting defects. I used Surety after reading a Facebook review for the practical completion defect report, and got them back for the 90 Day maintenance liability period. I was very impressed with the service, communications and evidence-based report. I would highly recommend Surety Property for building and construction inspections throughout any part of the lifecycle of a build or renovation.”
Ross, Home owner ACT

“Just wanted to make a comment on the Surety person that came out to do my termite inspection. He was very professional and we were very pleased with his work and attitude and willingness to answer any questions we had.”

ACT Home owner


“I think you guys do a very good report, particularly compared to some of the other providers.”

Canberra Solicitor

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