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In this section you can read the latest from the Surety team plus news from the industry.


The Hidden Things You Can’t Always See: Termites

The unfortunate truth about termites is that it is often too late when you find them. There are a number of real situations of locations you may not often visit or explore in your home and garden, only to find out later that termites are silently doing damage. One elderly woman who doesn’t frequent a […]

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Termite damage to wall frame

The Truth about Termite Monitoring Stations

Termite monitoring stations can be installed when a property currently has a termite infestation, or they can be installed as a system to monitor any future infestations. On behalf of a buyer in a rural area around Canberra, a buyers building and pest inspection test was conducted. At that time, there was no reason for […]

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Termite Attacks – making a meal of the outer suburbs

With the ever increasing expansion of residential development into Australia’s outer suburbs – experts say there is a current plague of termite attacks on Australian homes. Last year’s wet spring made for ideal conditions for termite infestation, conditions which have reportedly lead to a plague of the wood-chewing insects. Termite experts are seeing hungry termites making a […]

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businesswoman at home doing paperwork

Meth labs found in Canberra Homes

We have Mr Fluffy Homes and now we have contaminated houses for another reason – Meth Labs. Living in a home that is contaminated can cause serious health issues and not only that cost between $15,000-$50,0000 in the clean up. Just something else to think about when buying a house.

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53 Vasey Cres, Campbell

The hidden agenda of a Seller – What can a buyer do about this!

We are often told in our business WOW you are so thorough we wouldn’t use you again for a Sellers Report but definitely would use for a Buyers Report. Really! Unfortunately, this is just human nature and even the most honest, trustworthy Seller will say the same thing. As a Seller’s intention is to move on and hand over a property which may contain possible problems to some else – it just happens this way. So what can a Buyer do to ensure they aren’t buying a lemon and how can they look out for themselves just as the Seller will?

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The Truth About Sellers Reports and Re-selling Reports

You have probably gathered from my many previous posts that I’m very passionate about this topic and I have a lot to say. Re-selling of building and pest reports along with sellers providing reports – looks glamorous on the surface but horrifying below the surface. Take 5 minutes out of your day, and PLEASE read this story. Unfortunately, our industry is full of compromised inspectors not doing the right thing by the buyers.

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Home buyers being urged to get a property inspection

Why it’s important to use an experienced and qualified building and pest inspector. Buying a home is an achievement, but buying the right one is critical, and that can only be achieved with the help of the right building inspector. Archicentre a predominately Victorian based business agree with the sediments of Surety Property. See an Archicentre produced article.

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Jim Atteridge, Sth Coast buyer

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Tanya Rutley, Queanbeyan buyer

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