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Hidden Problems – Termites and moisture don’t mix

Hidden Problems – Termites and moisture don’t mix

A little-known fact in the general population is the link between termites and moisture.

I recently assessed a property in a rural location in a damp area at the base of a steep hill and adjacent to a wetland. Dampness at that this property meant it was prime territory for termites. Upon opening the subfloor door of the studio building, I was confronted with a rancid odour due to a significant issue with moisture, humidity and fungal growth. The odour was overpowering and the worst I had noted in my many years of assessing properties, to the point that I considered it was unhealthy for me to access the area.

Condensation to subfloor floor frame

I recommended to my client that it was vitally important that access was gained due to the significant risk of termite infestation given the conditions that existed. I suggested additional ventilation was provided to assist in drying the area, and then access could be safely gained in the future.

A few weeks later I was asked to return to the property and re-assess the area as ventilation had been installed. I was now able to access the area as the rancid odour was gone; however the area was still very humid and damp but no longer unhealthy for me to access.

When I did access the area unfortunately for the property owner my worst fears were realized as there was a major termite infestation to the majority of the floor frame. I discovered numerous termite mud tunnels along with active termites in some locations.

Termite mud tunnels

Termite mud tunnels

Termite mudding









It is always vitally important that hidden areas such as subfloors must be accessed during assessments of buildings as these are the areas that the building owner or prospective building owner does not understand and rarely accesses.

There are often telltale signs of dampness occurring within a home such as containers placed in cupboards that are designed to soak up the moisture in the air. This particular dwelling had these containers placed in most cupboards.

The interesting story behind all of this is that the owner of the property had constructed the building. He strongly believed that it was free of major flaws, as did the gentleman looking to purchase the property prior to us assessing it on his behalf. it was all hidden.

It is important that the local environment is closely considered and that the building is constructed in such way to limit the favorable conditions for termites. It’s also important to construct in a manner that either prevents access or makes it simple to view termites when they do attempt to access a building.

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“Bruce’s report yesterday was very positive and comforting especially as I am remote from the property.
 The owner, assures me that not a single ant escaped detection.”

Phillip Stafford-Gaffney, Sth Coast buyer

Richard is excellent as he involves the builder and us on issues and what the better practice should be. He takes time to explain to us the technical aspects in layman’s terms and the reason.  Would have involved him right from the start if we were aware of such services. Too many cowboys in most aspects of the building industry and it’s difficult for a layman to sieve through.  Would definitely use Surety in future and recommend to others who are building their house.  Probably some form of advertisement would provide potential clients some idea of what’s available. However, the best form of advertisement is word of mouth.  Keep up the excellent work

Soo Hain Kwa, New Construction Client, ACT

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