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Termatrac Device

Termatrac Device

Depending on the time of year, termites hidden within the structure of a wall may be the reason for a temperature variance being detected. In cooler months termite workings are likely to display an area within a structure that is warmer than the area surrounding the termites. In warmer months termite workings are likely to display an area that is cooler than the area surrounding the termites. It is important to note that the variance would require further investigation with a “Termatrac” (Microwave Radar Device) to assess the area for termite movement (activity). This can be carried out without damaging the structure or without the need for removing wall linings or cladding to view the internal area of a wall.

“The vendor of the property Brendan inspected is a returned serviceman and as such struggles with anxiety and other mental health issues. I was absolutely impressed at how Brendan handled a very anxious and difficult vendor and put him at ease by talking to him about the defence force and just generally being kind and mindful with him. It is really nice to see people who care about other people, not just “doing their job” and moving on.

Please pass on my thanks, I really do appreciate Brendan’s manner in what has been a difficult transaction with this vendor.”

South Coast, Real Estate Agent

“Just a short note to thank you and Bruce for your professional and prompt attention to our request for an inspection at Tura Beach and very comprehensive report. I appreciated the fact that Bruce phoned me and offered a further conversation if I wanted after reading the report. As it happens the report was so detailed that I felt that no further explanation was required.”

Don Cave, Sth Coast buyer

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