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Termatrac Device

Termatrac Device

Depending on the time of year, termites hidden within the structure of a wall may be the reason for a temperature variance being detected. In cooler months termite workings are likely to display an area within a structure that is warmer than the area surrounding the termites. In warmer months termite workings are likely to display an area that is cooler than the area surrounding the termites. It is important to note that the variance would require further investigation with a “Termatrac” (Microwave Radar Device) to assess the area for termite movement (activity). This can be carried out without damaging the structure or without the need for removing wall linings or cladding to view the internal area of a wall.

Richard is excellent as he involves the builder and us on issues and what the better practice should be. He takes time to explain to us the technical aspects in layman’s terms and the reason.  Would have involved him right from the start if we were aware of such services. Too many cowboys in most aspects of the building industry and it’s difficult for a layman to sieve through.  Would definitely use Surety in future and recommend to others who are building their house.  Probably some form of advertisement would provide potential clients some idea of what’s available. However, the best form of advertisement is word of mouth.  Keep up the excellent work

Soo Hain Kwa, New Construction Client, ACT

“When I was originally ringing around for quotes, whilst you guys weren’t the cheapest, I rang back because I was asked all the right questions and was very professional.”

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