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Termite Attacks – making a meal of the outer suburbs

With the ever increasing expansion of residential development into Australia’s outer suburbs – experts say there is a current plague of termite attacks on Australian homes.

Last year’s wet spring made for ideal conditions for termite infestation, conditions which have reportedly lead to a plague of the wood-chewing insects.

Termite experts are seeing hungry termites making a meal of new homes being built on what was previously undisturbed termite territory – and often this is happening in the outer suburbs.

termite Attacks

While all suburbs in Canberra should be on the lookout for termites – it’s the outer suburbs , which included suburbs within 15 to 20 kilometres from the CBD, like Tuggeranong areas of, Wanniassa, Kambah, Richardson, Theodore, Isabella Plains, Isaacs and Calwell that need to remain vigilant and have regular termite inspections.  

The leafy inner suburbs of O’Connor, Turner, Ainslie, Campbell and many more of those older suburbs are probably the highest risk of all.

However termite attacks don’t discriminate so even home owners in any new developments like Macgregor, Dunlop,  Lawson, Wright, Forde, Gungahlin and Coombs should be inspecting their property at least 12 monthly.

Read more about what a termite inspection involves.

Watch the video below on seven news about the recent rise of Termite Attacks on the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

The following infographic shows the 8 TERMITE ATTACK HOTSPOTS in your home. Termite Hotspots Bruce from Surety Property recently recorded the following videos… Termite attacks – feeding on Bait under flooring:

Termite attacks – Baiting in Station:

If you suspect you have any termite attacks on your hands, or it’s been a while since your last inspection – talk to Surety Property about your options and inspection needs, or anything termites.

We service Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass, Murrumbateman, Bungendore and surrounding regions along with the South Coast of NSW (Ulladulla to Narooma). We have teams located in both Canberra and the South Coast to service the local communities and keep abreast of local conditions.

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Alternatively – contact us here and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

What other people are saying about our Termite Services:

“I was just want to say how very happy we have been with the not just the service provided by Surety’s termite services – which have been excellent.  He is not just a very lovely man but he always went to great lengths to explain what he was doing and why and ensured that all questions were answered and that any worries we had were allayed.”

Bernadette, Sth Coast Home Owner

“You have been so personalised in your attention to our inspection, extremely informative about the process, costs and recommendations and have made me feel very confident regarding the information we have received.”

Rachael, Sth Coast Termite Management Client

“Like I said to the team, we are over the moon with the service and follow ups.”

Chris Knight, Termite Management Client

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Graeme Thornton, Queanbeyan Buyer

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